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The parents are happy to read about their children even before they are born and later during the whole upbringing process. Many issues can be a mystery, especially if we have had little to do with children so far. Controversial issues include: feeding with modified milk, using "spanking" as a punishment, assigning responsibilities to children with age, etc. A more pleasant topic is the choice of accessories for the child - which online shops offer a whole lot. These important issues are worth knowing from specialists and other parents. The first medium we can reach out to is the Internet. There are many guides on the web that can guide you, especially young parents, to the right direction in bringing up your child.

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# Domain Language TrustFlow DomainRating Website topics Price
1 accupc.comOpen 26 39 Health | Dentistry | Aesthetic Medicine | Pregnancy | Cosmetics | Medicines 30,00 EUR gross Add to basket
2 for** 19 34 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
3 gie**** 20 23 Children's literature for a walk! | Child nutrition Child clothing Child health Child health Advice 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
4 go*** 27 39 I take care of my teeth Beauty Zone Aesthetic Medicine Time for RELAX Pregnancy and Parenthood Work 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
5 int******* 12 10 Kitchen and dining room | Bathroom | living room | Bedroom | Childroom | Lighting and accessories 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
6 kob******* 11 25 Health and beauty Child Relationships and sex Culture Lifestyle Interesting facts 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
7 lov** 23 26 Psychology Little Man's Diet Pregnancy Pregnancy Children's First Aid Kit Toysetting 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
8 mal******* 28 33 Pregnancy and Neonatal Education Family Health Fashion and Beauty Culinary 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
9 nex*** 14 34 Children * Fashion * Health * Gadgets * Lifestyle * Make-up trends * 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
10 pod*********** 33 48 Pregnancy Medicines Health Research Medicine Nutrition Nutrition 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
11 por************* 26 27 News | Development | Health | Pregnancy | Child nutrition | Home 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
12 sam********* 23 18 Sexual relationships Pregnancy and children Pregnancy and children Diets and health Fashion Beauty 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
13 sko************ 41 25 Scoliosis in a child * Scoliosis - the most important information * Treatment methods * Types of scoliosis * Scoliosis in adults 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
14 spo**** 26 34 Sexual intimacy Children and family Health Medicine Entertainment 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
15 veg** 29 27 Vegetable and vegan recipes Breakfast Soups Main courses For children Soups Supplements 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
16 wis** 21 23 Education * Family * Child * Wedding and wedding * Sports and fitness * Health * 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
17 wne***** 37 28 Kitchen and dining room | Bathroom | Living room | Bedroom | Children's room | Lighting and accessories 30,00 EUR gross Unlock

Advantages of publishing sponsored articles for the parenting industry:

  • Hitting the "vulnerable ground" of future and current parents in terms of advice and product focus.
  • Spreading good practices and advice related to parenting.
  • Use of other people's experience.
  • Possibility to share your opinion with others thanks to the opportunity to comment on the article.
  • Publishing your own materials, putting your brand at the forefront of parenting.
  • Encouraging users to ask individual questions, via e-mail, in a social media message.

What do you get by publishing on the Fusion Press network?

  • Publication of articles on high quality websites.
  • Credible promotion of the company, offer, products.
  • Self-selection of the portal on which the article is to appear.
  • Possibility to have a text written by a specific publisher.
  • The appearance of a valuable article for the recipient.
  • Publication of a unique text.
  • Adaptation of the text to the target group and location, thanks to placing it on an appropriate portal.

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