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Polish and foreign tourism is experiencing a real boom. Travel agencies unanimously admit that the past year was successful for them, and the next one promises to be beneficial - we don't know what this industry will look like when the world gets over the Coronavirus. Travel allows us to get to know a new culture, change the environment, and open our minds to new sensations. We have more and more tourists every year, and travel also evokes a lot of emotions online. That's why most of them, before choosing their destination, airline or the right office or place to stay, look for information on the Internet. The opinions or sponsored articles left behind are very important in creating the choices of future holiday makers.

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# Domain Language TrustFlow DomainRating Website topics Price
1 dig******* 32 19 Health | Beauty | Fitness | Nutrition | Sex and relationships | Travel 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
2 e-**** 36 23 Education | Automotive and industry | Tourism | Technology and marketing | Relaxation zone | House and garden 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
3 es-******* 10 25 Travels | Hotels | Lifestyle | Guides | Airlines | Health and beauty | Hotels | Lifestyle | Airlines | Health and beauty 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
4 ext***** 14 16 Sex Celebrities Lifestyle Travel Trade Technology 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
5 no*** 16 25 Excursions and Accommodation | Culture and entertainment | Restaurants | Sport | Technology | Interesting facts 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
6 our** 29 23 According to the expert, 'Appearance and beauty' is health and nutrition, 'Psychology', 'Relationships' and 'Travel'. 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
7 por******* 29 33 Automotive | Technology | Marketing | Labour market | Finance | Travel 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
8 sec******** 16 0 Health | Lifestyle | Sex | Fashion | Travels | Book and Movie 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
9 sek***** 20 22 Health * Lifestyle * Sex * Fashion * Travel * Book and film * 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
10 sek*********** 34 33 Health Lifestyle Sex Fashion Travel Book and Film 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
11 sta*********** 35 24 Tourist directions | Holiday guides | Overnight stays and restaurants | Finances | Health | Automotive industry 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
12 szy****** 6 23 Vignettes | Compendium of knowledge | Vignettes Austria | Vignettes Czech Republic | Vignettes Slovakia | Vignettes Slovakia | Vignettes Slovenia 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
13 t***pl 39 21 Entertainment Sex and relationships Sex and relationships Health and beauty Home Travels Relaxation 30,00 EUR gross Unlock

Advantages of publishing sponsored articles for the tourism industry:

  • Creating Internet users' awareness of their own brand offer in the tourist, holiday or travel industry.
  • Building a positive brand image.
  • Positioning the company as an expert in the field of travel.
  • Possibility to start a discussion, thanks to the comments of Internet users.
  • Educating Internet users about travel - creating a compendium of knowledge.
  • Calling "brand failure" - immediate association with the brand.
  • Overtaking the competition that does not have its own publications.
  • Arousing trust of future customers.
  • Emphasizing the advantages of the offer we want to promote (exceptional place, great accommodation conditions, safety, care of the resident, additional insurance, possibility of hiring a sitter on site, acceptance of animals, etc.).

What do you get by publishing in the Fusion Press network?

  • Intuitive panel, which facilitates the introduction and editing of text.
  • Access to a large database of services, from over 25 industries, including "tourism".
  • Confidence of permanent text publication (also after one year).
  • Possibility of various forms of text promotion - advertising on banners, on the homepage and through social media (additional coverage increase).
  • Building credibility of your website, thanks to the network of incoming links.
  • Possibility to paste a tracking code, downloading data on reader demographics and statistics on the published article.

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