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Sex and eroticism are one of the most frequently searched issues on the Internet. Adult entertainment is a very catchy topic on the web. In our everyday life we repeatedly encounter a barrier concerning talks about sex, our desires and fantasies, and in turn, the Internet is a place where we can talk to others without restraint and unnecessary conventions. Sponsored articles about sex are available only for adults who consciously enter portals about this subject. Sex-related texts written with a sense and taste are read willingly and set as a model in communication about sex and eroticism.

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# Domain Language TrustFlow DomainRating Website topics Price
1 dig******* 32 19 Health | Beauty | Fitness | Nutrition | Sex and relationships | Travel 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
2 ext***** 14 16 Sex Celebrities Lifestyle Travel Trade Technology 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
3 kob******* 11 25 Health and beauty Child Relationships and sex Culture Lifestyle Interesting facts 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
4 sam********* 23 18 Sexual relationships Pregnancy and children Pregnancy and children Diets and health Fashion Beauty 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
5 sek***** 20 22 Health * Lifestyle * Sex * Fashion * Travel * Book and film * 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
6 sek*********** 34 33 Health Lifestyle Sex Fashion Travel Book and Film 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
7 spo**** 26 34 Sexual intimacy Children and family Health Medicine Entertainment 30,00 EUR gross Unlock
8 t***pl 39 21 Entertainment Sex and relationships Sex and relationships Health and beauty Home Travels Relaxation 30,00 EUR gross Unlock

The advantages of publishing sponsored articles for the erotic industry:

  • Breaking the taboo, writing about topics that others are afraid of, overlook or consciously avoid.
  • Possibility to write in a light and pleasant way on difficult topics related to sex, relationships, eroticism.
  • Shattering stereotypes about human sexuality.
  • Attracting users who are interested in the subject of sex, and so far have seen a deficit of this type of material on the web.
  • Creation of an open brand, without the need for tools, not afraid to take up difficult topics.
  • Overtaking the competition that prefers to avoid writing on erotic subjects.

What do you get from publishing on the Fusion Press?

  • Access to the database of Premium category portals.
  • Gaining a larger group of potential clients.
  • Possibility to distinguish your offer on the web.
  • Option to write an article via Fusion Press by an experienced copywriter.
  • Saving valuable time, thanks to the commissioning of activities by Fusion Press.
  • Access to statistics provided by the publisher.

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